CSR Consulting™



Strategy.Technology. Sustainability.

When exploring new markets or strenghtening position in existing markets there are two major issues we believe your business should consider:

  1. How can we introduce new technology to enhance our business model and make our services or products better for our customers?

  2. How can we grow effectively by optimizing business processes, products and services in a way that make our business more sustainable?

CSR Consulting combines strong knowledge about new technologies and relevant sustainability issues when fasilitating and implementing strategies for our clients.



Strategy development, Change management, M&A, Sustainabilty & Technology Consulting

We facilitate strategy development at all levels in organizations. By combining state of the art strategy methodology with technology and sustainability expert knowledge we help companies grow profitable in a sustainable way.


Long term strategy implementation, New Business development

Commonly companies establish great strategies for business expansion and cost management programmes. However the implementation can be difficult when the expansion requires new knowledge about markets, new technologies or in general free capacity that can drive the change.

CSR Consulting offers Management for hire resources to ensure that the company experience the benefits discovered in the strategy process.



Strategy implementation, Change management, New market expansion

Strategy is normally implemented as combination of efficiency programmes in excisting business and a series of new projects working on either efficiency or expansion into new markets.

It may be challenging to free resources leading the strategic processes or projects.

CSR Consulting offers shorter term project management resources that can lead processes to achieve goals when at the same time seeing the big picture for the company.



We believe that the best solutions are created in collaboration with other experts.


Companies and great individuals we collaborate with:

Atlas Kompetanse School-Home Collaboration, Attensi VR & 3D simulations, Bjørn Sund Project Management Guru, Flash Studio, Nature films, Ghilardi+Hellsten Architects, Henning Bang Ass. professor Psychology/Team expert, Malling & Co Corporate Finance, OneFoot Sports re-design, Pilot Architects, Qvartz Strategy consulting, Reach for change Development of Change leaders, Torp & Co Health at Work



CSR Consulting is proud to have been working with exciting companies and individuals for more than 10 years.